IEEE is to be a truly global engineering organization most admired for paving the way for partnerships between academic and industry. The Institute has a history and traditions we are proud to uphold yet with this fast-paced changes occurring in the 21st century we should show to the world new face. As IEEE has already accomplished much and has room for growth I believe the Institute deserves a bold and ambitious vision for future.

We are actively present all over the world and have great potential to have a significantly higher membership. It might be daring but I would see this organization at least double the number of its members, enrolling more students, academics, and industry in our midst. It is crucial for IEEE’s future to establish that over 30-40% of the members are students and Young Professionals. Such presence will ensure that IEEE would be a relevant, cutting edge in its field and active association. The Institute should aim to maintain a healthy balance between academic and industry membership, so that representation of their needs and interests is comparable. In order to achieve this, I would endeavor to review our membership model and prepare improved one that would be better adjusted to the needs of modern engineers.

As a modern global organization for engineers, the Institute must act efficiently on many levels. I would firmly continue the efforts to develop a transparent financial system that plainly explains where, how and why the Institute spends and invests its funds. As a technological association, we should maintain our position as a pioneer in the field keeping abreast of new technologies and making an impact. For IEEE to be more efficient as an organization we should focus on receptiveness to needs of students, Young Professionals, and industry practitioners. The Institute has much to offer and setting oneself as responsive and apt coordinator of this in-between would ensure the position of the global leading engineering organization. To contribute to this goal my priorities would be establishing close ties with industry and bringing to efficiency Professionals’ networking and knowledge sharing platforms.

The Institute over years has gathered the talented individuals from various backgrounds and from all corners of the world. Such diversity is our huge asset and I feel that we could take better advantage of it. Based on the accumulated knowledge, good practices and tools proved efficient in particular countries our organization can build upon this variety of experiences. I am confident that such synergy would serve our further development and strengthen IEEE.

I am well aware that improvement happens gradually over time and our challenges cannot be solved in one term. The Institute should have a long-term vision for development and up-to-date strategy, evaluated on regular basis. In my opinion, it’s crucial to enhance the continuity of objectives’ implementation between the immediate predecessor and successor in Board. IEEE is a respected organization with achievements and I would like to see it raise to its full potential.