IEEE has been an important part of my 45-year career in academia and collaboration with industry.
The unique perspective I gained due to being director at both TAB and MGA has given me solid understanding of IEEE needs. I would strive as the President to strengthen and grow the IEEE, its technical and regional diversity, and the international scope and reputation of its products and services.

As technology changes rapidly so does the engineering profession and the geographic distribution of engineers and enterprises.  Therefore, IEEE must also react rapidly to address more effectively:

  • the impact of new technologies;
  • the transnational nature of the Institute;
  • the needs of students, young engineers and practitioners.

IEEE as a global community of professionals should satisfy present needs but also, should have a clear vision for the future. As the world is changing, we have to show IEEE with a new face and interface. Networking and the ability to quickly find partners for collaborative projects are most important for practitioners now. Just as TV service providers personalize their offers, so should also IEEE match product packages to the needs of our members. Younger generation of professionals as well as management expect higher quality interactions – fast publication of information, quick search in databases, direct information through social media.

If elected, I will be guided by respect for fellow volunteers and staff, recognition of the value of membership, and through understanding of the business and culture of IEEE. I am convinced that with my experience, knowledge and practical and interpersonal skills I will be able to fulfill the duties of the President of IEEE.