From 1993-2001 I was a key member of Divisions I/IV (initially MTT-S/ED-S) Joint Committee for Membership Promotion and Chapter Formation in Eastern Europe/Former Soviet Union, which led to establishing of over 50 new chapters, 4 new sections and consolidation of IEEE communities in those areas.

In 2001-2004 I was Chair of Region 8 Chapter Coordination Committee and later R8 vice-Chair for Technical Activities, which resulted in significant increase in the number of chapters and the establishment of annual R8 Chapter of the Year I gave strong support for establishment of new local conferences.

As MTT Society President –my most important achievements were:

  • starting the process of building the Long-Range Society Strategy;
  • launching new initiatives in China and India, which resulted in the growing number of members and new Chapters, Student Branches and IEEE conferences.

As Region 8 Director – my main achievements were:

  • building friendly and productive atmosphere within the Region;
  • increasing the number of Region 8 representatives in the compositions of IEEE Committees;
  • increasing the number of Chapters and Student Branches.

As Division IV Director: my main achievements were:

  • initiating Division IV regular meetings;
  • initiating cooperation between sister Societies, e.g. AP-S and MTT-S.