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Józef Wiesław Modelski (SM ’90-FM ’01)

My Motto:

Activities of the local chapters and student branches constitute the most important key to membership growth, improvement of the Institute’s image and the realization of globalization process.


IEEE is the world’s most global organization associating the abundance of engineers from the field of electrical engineering and information technologies, the biggest number of standards and leading periodicals. Such strong status can help further globalize the Institute and enhance the process of alteration of Institute’s Bylaws and tendencies in order to achieve greater transnationalism.

Members who are distinguished by their idiosyncrasy and individual identity. This fact should be skillfully taken advantage of by the HQ. We should provide them with innovative products to help them continue their development.

Thousands of conferences and workshops organized or supported by local sections and chapters, which contribute to the integration of local communities. They ought to be promulgated more broadly, the Regions OpComs should be well-informed about and involved in these events.

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