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Józef Wiesław Modelski (SM ’90-FM ’01)

My Motto:

Activities of the local chapters and student branches constitute the most important key to membership growth, improvement of the Institute’s image and the realization of globalization process.


Main strengths

Slate of members constituted of dedicated volunteers, experts in their disciplines, competent officers coming from different cultural and technical background. This mosaic of talented individuals may contribute to the generation of many new productive ideas and concepts.

Agreements held between IEEE Presidents and the local/national professional associations. The Regions’ Directors must not be left out of this co-operation, but informed and included in the above-mentioned agreements.

Actions to take

The following objectives must be pursued in order to further enhance the Region’s 8 efficiency and strengthen its position in IEEE:

Balance the disproportions existing in the area of educational and technical background, between the newly established sections and the ones with longer traditions and experience.

Encourage bigger number of young engineers from industry to join the Institute and make them engage themselves more strongly in the IEEE activities,

Strengthen Region’s 8 position in HQ, gain bigger share in building of IEEE overall strategy.

Bigger number of common initiatives between the Institute and R8 national organisations – conferences, educational and scientific programs.

Achieve better balance in total membership between academia and industry as a consequence of establishing the programs designed to stimulate bigger number of industrial engineers to join IEEE and make the existing ones become more active.

Increase the number of R8 representatives who have significant influence on the Institute’s general strategy, which will enable them to alter the Bylaws in order to better suit the regions’ specific needs and lead to greater transnationalism in the Institute.

Increase focus on the investment into more innovative products and services.

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