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Józef Wiesław Modelski (SM ’90-FM ’01)

My Motto:

Activities of the local chapters and student branches constitute the most important key to membership growth, improvement of the Institute’s image and the realization of globalization process.


IEEE Activities - (SM ’90-FM ’01)

COMMITTEES/BOARDS/DIVISIONS: IEEE Fellow Committee, 2004-2006; TAB, Strategic Planning Committee, 2007-; Divisions I/IV Joint Committee (initially MTT/ED) for Membership Promotion and Chapter Formation in Eastern Europe/Former Soviet Union, 1993 -2002; Co-organizer of the series of meetings of R8 Division I/IV Chapters, 1996 – 2000.

REGION: Region 8: Vice Chair for Technical Activities, 2005-2006; Chapter Coordination Sub-Committee, Chair, 2001-2004; R8 MTT-S Chapters Coordinator, 2002-2004.

SOCIETIES: MTT-S President-Elect 2007, MTT-S Budget Committee, Chair, 2007-; MTT-S Technical Coordinating Committee, Chair, 2005-2006; MTT-S Membership Service Committee, Chair, 2003 -2004; MTT-S Transnational Committee, Chair, Vice-Chair, 1997-2001; MTT-S Long-Range Planning Committee, 2002-, Vice Chair, 2007-; MTT-S R8 Chapter Coordinator, 1996-2002; MTT-S Technical Committee MTT-17, 1998-.

SECTION/CHAPTER: Poland Section Com., 1991-; AES/AP/MTT Joint Chapter, Chair, 1991-1995.


  1. Chairing: International Conference on Microwaves, Radar and Wireless Communications MIKON, 1995-2006; IEEE Region 8 Conference EUROCON 2007, International Conference on Antennas, Radiocommunication Systems and Measurements ICARSM'99”, Voronezh, Russia, 1997 – 2003.
  2. Member of TPC’s: IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium, 1996-; European Microwave Conference, 1996-; local conferences – Ukraine: Crimean Microwave Conference CriMiCo, 1996-; Mathematical Methods in Electromagnetic Theory MMET, 1999-; Direct and Inverse Problems of Electromagnetic and Acoustic Waves Theory Conference DIPED, 1995-; Conference on Telecommunications and Computer Science TCSET, 1997-; Czech Republic: Conference on Microwave Technique COMITE, 2001-; Hungary: Colloquium on Microwave Communication MICROCOLL, 1998-; Germany: Microwaves and Optronics MIOP, 1996-2000-; Russia: Microwave Electronics: Measurements, Identification, Application Conference MEMIA, 1997-; Yugoslavia: Conference on Telecommunications in Modern Satellite, Cable and Broadcasting Services TELSIKS, 1999-.

AWARDS: IEEE Third Millenium Medal, 2000; MTT-S Walter Cox Award, 2005.

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