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Józef Wiesław Modelski (SM ’90-FM ’01)

My Motto:

Activities of the local chapters and student branches constitute the most important key to membership growth, improvement of the Institute’s image and the realization of globalization process.


1993-2001 As key Member of the Divisions I/IV Joint Committee for Membership Promotion and Chapter Formation in Eastern Europe/Former Soviet Union I have a significant contribution in the establishment of many Chapters, a few Sections and the consolidation of IEEE communities in Central and Eastern Europe. (summary of this initiative may be found HERE). Later, on the basis of some of them, the new Sections (i.e. Belarus, Lithuanian, St Petersburg, Novosibirsk) were created.

1996-2000 As a co-organizer of the series of meetings of R8 Division I/IV Chapters, I played big part in the establishment of close co-operation between R8 and several technical societies.

2001-2006 As R8 Chapter Coordinator and R8 Vice Chair for Technical Activities, I had significant contribution in chapters and the increase of their number. As a result of the activities of SubCommittee Chapter Coordination as well as local Sections, during the period of 6 years (2001 to 2006), the number of chapters in Region 8 grew from 250 to over 400. I have also set new initiatives within the Region, such as an annual R8 contest- Chapter of the Year.

1995-2006 As Chair of International Microwaves, Radar and Wireless Communications MIKON, I had a leading role in the process of transferring it from a national conference into a leading event in Central Europe organized under the auspices of IEEE.

1992 – 2006 As a member of various Societies and Steering Committees I have helped many local conferences in their start-ups. I also stimulated the promotion of a great deal of new conferences organized by local chapters and helped them emerge in our Region. I also reinforced some of the already existing events by making them achieve the status of the internationally known events.

1991 – 1995 As Chair of the Polish Joint Chapter in this part of Europe, I boosted the Chapter’s activity, which was three times awarded Chapter of the Year award. AES-S received this award twice and once it went to AP-S.

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