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Józef Wiesław Modelski (SM ’90-FM ’01)

My Motto:

Activities of the local chapters and student branches constitute the most important key to membership growth, improvement of the Institute’s image and the realization of globalization process.


I was born in Poland in 1949. I received my M.Sc., Ph.D. and D.Sc. degrees in electronics from the Warsaw University of Technology, WUT, in 1973, 1978 and 1987, respectively. Since 1973 I have been with the Institute of Radioelectronics, WUT, holding in sequence all academic positions from teaching/research assistant to tenured professor, and in 1996 was appointed its director. In the years 1976-77 I was in the US as a Fulbright grantee working with the microwave laboratories at the University of Texas at Austin, Cornell University and Communication Stallite Corporation COMSAT and the year 1985 I spent in Germany as a DAAD grantee. In 1986, for 2 years, I joined the Braunschweig Technical University (Germany) as a senior scientist. I have also been on numerous research internships to European telecommunications firms and universities.

My research interests include the area of RF engineering and radiocommunications, particularly: microwave modulators and shifters, dielectric resonators and their applications, integrating waveguide technology and smart antennas. I am the author and co-author of over 250 technical papers, 4 monographs, and 3 textbooks, I am a holder of 9 patents. For many years I have been a coordinator of joint European projects and acted as a consultant to industry and governmental agencies.

My more detailed biography may be found at: www.ire.pw.edu.pl

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